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Beginning to Unfold | Legume

The legume plant exudes a powerful energy of growth and transformation, with its organic shape beautifully capturing the essence of nature's creativity. From the humble seed, this collection draws inspiration from the intricate patterns and soft curves of legumes, reminding us of the beauty and diversity of the natural world. It's wonderful to see how nature's beauty can inspire us and lift our spirits.

Loop, To be continued

Core Loop Ring

The mirror is actually useful and functional too! You can see yourself through the ring's mirror or capture a beautiful background. We all come across moments when we need to quickly check our teeth in a restaurant, apply lipstick, or simply capture a stunning sunset...

You'll love playing around with it!

Before | After

We have a mission to use waste resourcefully through upcycling. CLED Eco Gems are created from discarded glass and incorporated into our fine jewelry. All our pieces are handmade in our downtown LA studio.





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