Metal Care

We use solid sterling silver and it can oxidize and tarnish over time. The metal will not chip off as it is not plated.

We recommend CLED jewelry not be worn when swimming or in the shower. Perfumes or lotions should not be used directly on jewelry. Sterling silver can tarnish due to being exposed to air so the best way to keep jewelry clean and from tarnishing is to wrap it in our anti-tarnish paper and store in our tarnish resistant cotton pouch. You can also use our cotton pouch to lightly polish any discoloration or stain.

* Ear Backs are all solid sterling silver as well. Since solid sterling silver is a malleable precious metal, ear backs can get loose. It can be adjusted back onto the ear post if loose. 

Eco Gem Care

Our gems are made of glass and could be worn every day. Our glass gems are durable due to our glass annealing process which strengthens the glass, but it can possibly break if dropped on a hard surface. Care should be taken when handling jewelry.

Please note each piece is individually handcrafted so size and color may slightly vary from the featured images.

Our glass gems are all hand formed or fused in a high temperature and for that reason, inclusions, which are tiny impurities, or bubbles, are trapped in the air, making each gem unique. This is not a defect but a natural phenomenon which makes our glass gem colors, shapes, and sizes vary from one another.