With all purchases made, a portion of our proceeds is donated to charity.

Organizations are selected for causes we believe in and need our support to continue their mission. We select a new charity to donate to semiannually.


Coral reefs have vibrant colors but many are dying off due to climate change and other environmental effects. Coral is mined for use as bricks and cement along with being harvested for jewelry. Not to mention water pollution (also, plastic pollution) and over-fishing causing detrimental effects to the coral reef system. This is why we support the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). CORAL works with local communities to conserve and restore reef ecosystems.

The first organization we will be supporting is the Coral Reef Alliance.

*Image via Coral Reef Alliance

The Coral Reef Alliance partners with local communities to restore and protect coral reefs. There are numerous threats to reefs globally and directly, from climate change, overfishing, water pollution, and habitat destruction. As we advocate for no animal materials in jewelry, we believe the harvesting and collecting of coral for jewelry are devastating to marine life and leads to the decline of coral. The Coral Reef Alliance educates and works with local communities to prevent illegal activities and protect the reef.