Conscious Packaging

In an ideal world, we would ship our products without any packaging but that is impractical due to the standard shipping methods and needs to protect jewelry.

So our solution was to design packaging that is both functional and beautiful, to be reused and recycled. Our jewelry packaging is made so it can easily be given as a gift as is, with no other wrapping needed.

Our packaging was designed mindfully to move away from plastics as it not only protects the product but makes it visible.

Plastic vinyl bags and polyester styrofoams are widely used as a packaging source in the fashion industry. We use recycled paper boxes without any vinyl coating, which has a matte or shiny finish. This coating is typically used for various purposes, to be water-resistant, scratch free and to enhance the color of inks on the packaging. With no vinyl coating, our packaging is biodegradable. Boxes are made from recycled paper and printed with environmentally friendly inks. Boxes can be reused or recycled to minimize waste.

All jewelry comes with a special tarnish resistant cotton pouch and pieces will be wrapped with an acid and lint free anti-tarnish paper to keep the silver from tarnishing. This paper can also be reused to store the jewelry when placing it in our cotton pouch. See our jewelry care instruction here

When purchasing our products, there are two options for packaging. We have the standard packaging and there is an option for minimal packaging. Whichever option you choose, all jewelry comes with the tarnish resistant cotton pouch.

We ship everything 100% plastic free and use 100% recyclable and compostable mailer boxes and paper packing materials. Our boxes are sealed with a paper tape that is water activated from a plant based glue. We source our recycled shipping boxes from Eco Enclose. 

Standard Packaging

    Our standard packaging has each jewelry piece placed in an individual box and when ordering multiple items, we place all items in one large box unless otherwise noted in the order.

    Minimal Packaging

      With the minimal packaging option, jewelry is sent only in our cotton pouch in the mailer box.

      Please put a comment in the note section of your cart to request minimal packaging.