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Article: Glass Source


Glass Source

We currently source our glass from local establishments in Los Angeles.

When we first started making jewelry from recycled glass, we used empty cosmetic bottles and wine and beer bottles we had at home. We immediately went through all our empty bottles as it was a challenge making glass gems that met our standards. We just couldn't keep up with the drinking to get more empty bottles! So the only thing we could do was to go through trash bins. After doing this for a while, we realized we needed to find a continuous source of glass instead of digging through the trash...although we still do pick up any glass that is carelessly thrown away.

To continue our upcycling journey, we contacted many different businesses, inquiring if we can get their empty glass bottles.

We reached out to restaurants and bars near us and were lucky to have these places say yes to us. We continue to pick up empty glass bottles several times a month from these restaurants and are fortunate to have a steady glass source. Since these restaurants regularly have the same or similar types of bottles, we were able to easily test the glass quality and color in order to make uniform glass gems.

These restaurants are supportive of our upcycling journey and we couldn't have made it this far without their help. They are a vital part of our efforts to be sustainable, to create new objects from used discarded materials. 

We always welcome other businesses to join our mission! If you would like to be a part of our upcycling journey, please email us at


Glass Source Supporters

Plant-based vegan restaurant that brews their own beer and kombucha. All wines are from a keg to be sustainable

Traditional Italian restaurant that specializes in all things truffle 



Previous Glass Sources
August 2018 - January 2019

 We thank these restaurants for their support from the beginning.


Housed in a beautiful Masonic temple overlooking Highland Park, Checker Hall is a Mediterranean restaurant and bar attached to the music venue Lodge Room


The charm on York in Highland Park, neighborhood Italian American restaurant with a great ambiance