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Shades of Nature | Basalt EarringsShades of Nature | Basalt Earrings
Sold outNot A Pearl EarringNot A Pearl Earring
Not A Pearl Earring Sale priceFrom $135.00
In The Loop Hoops | LargeIn The Loop Hoops | Large
In The Loop Hoops | Large Sale priceFrom $175.00
Blue Pearl EarringsBlue Pearl Earrings
Blue Pearl Earrings Sale price$240.00
Pebble EarringsPebble Earrings
Pebble Earrings Sale priceFrom $185.00
Periwinkle Single EarringsPeriwinkle Single Earrings
Periwinkle Single Earrings Sale priceFrom $180.00
ITL Toggle BraceletITL Toggle Bracelet
ITL Toggle Bracelet Sale priceFrom $170.00
Blue Pearl BraceletBlue Pearl Bracelet
Blue Pearl Bracelet Sale price$230.00
ITL Trio Earrings | SkyITL Trio Earrings | Sky
ITL Trio Earrings | Sky Sale price$260.00
Duo Beam RingDuo Beam Ring
Duo Beam Ring Sale priceFrom $270.00
Beam Pearl EarringsBeam Pearl Earrings
Beam Pearl Earrings Sale priceFrom $250.00
Duo Beam EarringsDuo Beam Earrings
Duo Beam Earrings Sale priceFrom $230.00
Duo Beam NecklaceDuo Beam Necklace
Duo Beam Necklace Sale priceFrom $195.00
Prism NecklacePrism Necklace
Prism Necklace Sale priceFrom $185.00
Donut Ball NecklaceDonut Ball Necklace
Donut Ball Necklace Sale priceFrom $180.00
Beam RingBeam Ring
Beam Ring Sale priceFrom $185.00
Prism EarringsPrism Earrings
Prism Earrings Sale priceFrom $195.00
Prism Ring | Gold PlatedPrism Ring | Gold Plated
Prism Ring | Gold Plated Sale price$255.00
Prism Ring | Sterling SilverPrism Ring | Sterling Silver
Spectral Prism EarringsSpectral Prism Earrings
Spectral Prism Earrings Sale priceFrom $260.00
Beam Ring | MarbleBeam Ring | Marble
Beam Ring | Marble Sale priceFrom $185.00
Prism Ring | MarblePrism Ring | Marble
Prism Ring | Marble Sale priceFrom $230.00
Duo Beam Ring | MarbleDuo Beam Ring | Marble
Duo Beam Ring | Marble Sale priceFrom $270.00
Duo Beam Necklace | MarbleDuo Beam Necklace | Marble
Duo Beam Necklace | Marble Sale priceFrom $195.00
Prism Necklace | MarblePrism Necklace | Marble
Prism Necklace | Marble Sale priceFrom $185.00
Duo Sculpture RingDuo Sculpture Ring
Duo Sculpture Ring Sale priceFrom $190.00
Heart Dangling EarringsHeart Dangling Earrings
Heart Dangling Earrings Sale priceFrom $180.00
Oval Dangling EarringsOval Dangling Earrings
Oval Dangling Earrings Sale priceFrom $180.00
Square Dangling EarringsSquare Dangling Earrings
Square Dangling Earrings Sale priceFrom $180.00
Heart Frame EarringsHeart Frame Earrings
Heart Frame Earrings Sale priceFrom $220.00
Oval Frame EarringsOval Frame Earrings
Oval Frame Earrings Sale priceFrom $220.00
Square Frame Earrings
Square Frame Earrings Sale priceFrom $220.00
Heart Frame Toggle NecklaceHeart Frame Toggle Necklace
Heart Frame Toggle Necklace Sale priceFrom $250.00
Oval Frame Toggle NecklaceOval Frame Toggle Necklace
Oval Frame Toggle Necklace Sale priceFrom $250.00
Square Frame Toggle NecklaceSquare Frame Toggle Necklace
Square Frame Toggle Necklace Sale priceFrom $250.00
Save $205.007 Days Advent Box | Limited Edition7 Days Advent Box | Limited Edition
7 Days Advent Box | Limited Edition Sale price$295.00 Regular price$500.00