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We value discarded materials to give them a second life

Our materials are chosen over natural resources, animal materials, and mass manufactured elements to be sustainable and reduce waste while minimizing our environmental impact.

Glass Gems

Eco Gems

We define the beauty of gems differently


We use sterling silver, 14k Gold Vermeil, and brass.


Designed mindfully to move away from plastic

Trash is treasure made with recycled glass bottles

Trash is treasure we can salvage!

Mined gemstones are limited natural resources taken from the earth and often used in the jewelry industry. Mining has created detrimental environmental issues affecting the biodiversity negatively. In the mining process, machines used to extract gems create carbon emissions and acid rock drainage while consuming thousands of gallons of water.

Staying true to our love of animals, no animal based materials are used, which includes pearl, coral, bones, leather, fur, and feathers.

In fast fashion, contents are made of various synthetic non-recyclable plastics such as PVC, acrylic, resin, vinyl and polymer clay among others. These low-quality parts are held together by glue and cannot be recycled or decompose. After use of this jewelry for a handful of times, the quality weakens and can be thrown away, where it ends up in the landfill and creates more waste and is harmful to the environment.

The world generates at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid waste a day. Most of this trash is in our landfills and is not going away. In our endeavors to reduce waste and plastic usage, we seek to use recycled materials in our creations. If any form of plastic must be used, it is either recycled or recyclable. Using recycled materials emits fewer carbon emissions, reduces energy consumption and requires less water. There are fewer steps in the recycling manufacturing process compared to manufacturing new materials from virgin sources.

We believe a small change can have a lasting impact